Hi! My name is Fabricio Medeiros.

I started my carrer as a developer after my graduation. Eventually, I became a project manager.

I grew up as a nomad and throughout my life I have been fascinated with technology, art and media.

I have been coding and managing interactive applications using an array of technologies and with the intent to create a moment of awe to those who experience it.

From award and non-award winning projects to experiments, it's been one hell of a ride so far, and despite the future looking mysterious, I keep my stride.

I like
programming, art, photography, code, paragliding, swimming, technology, yoga, house music, football (aka soccer)

Moment Factory

At Moment Factory, I have worked as a line producer to support the producers as well as to manage the project internally from the businees development stage through conception and production until delivery. It is a key role in the company, acting as the hub between business and internal resources to ensure what was conceptualized will be deployed. I have worked with many different types of clients such as Sony Japan, Fremont Street, The Pokemon Company, FlyOver, AON, Theme Parks, etc. Due to legal restrictions, projects cannot be shared here, but I am glad to talk about them.


Escape the Tomb VR - Samsung

Escape the Tomb is a VR version of an Escape the Room game (Indiana Jones themed) done for Samsung at the Samsung Developer Conference 2016 to feature their VR headset and room scale capabilities giving players the ability to explore a virtual space with the same dimensions as the real world. A truly immersive experience that combines a virtual layer to a pshysical one by using motion tracking cameras and real time positional data.



Mars Mission 4 player VR Game for IEEE at the 2016's CES in Las Vegas. Players were 3D scanned using a custom 40 camera setup, then played as themselves in a collaborative 4 player mars mission in Virtual Reality. We have also created a 3x3 wall to display real time game info and overall stats.


Graffiti VR

Filmed with a 360 Stereoscopic camera rig, 4 of Toronto's top graffiti artists paint their pieces before your eyes on invisible acrylic panels. Thanks to Intel's INDE tool kit we were able to deploy the same code base to both Android and iOS. graffitivr.com


Powercube VR

In the distant future of 2048, one sport rules them all: PowerCube VR. Take on the role of the CubeMaster, and fight for glory, or die trying. In this exciting new digital game, fight against other CubeMasters using the power of the GlobaNet, allowing you to connect to players all over the event space (2 player limit, for now). Strap on the revolutionary Oculus Rift headset and watch the graphics come to life in front of your eyes. Control the nonstop action with the custom designed PowerCube motion controller, the most geometrical tool in your arsenal on your quest to victory, built with Intel Edison's board which has a 9 axis sensor. This ain’t your ordinary block stacking puzzle game.



Interactive wall (3x3) for Earthport at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas. Users scan their conference badges to register or manually input their info to then join the game and simulate money transfer types using iPads to select the origin and destination of a transaction. Both apps (wall and iPad) done in Unity. Up to 4 players at a time, whoever had the highest score within the time limit was declared winner.


LAO Alberta

A series of interactive installs for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Canada. Some of the main features are a green screen photobooth, a voting station, a panoramic view of photos from the roof, a timeline multi tcouh table and a detailed map of constituencies.

Rogers Centre Court and Lease Line

Two interactive experiences for the holidays in 2015 sponsored by Rogers. The first one is a karaoke booth on which we used a auto tune device to adda a T-bone effect and set the singing to a specific key according to the user's choice. The performance is recorded live witht he camera and sent to the user's email afterwards. The other is a mobile "elf yourself" app. User takes a selfie and the head cutout is positioned in a elf template, the app renders an animation that also gets sent to the user's email.

Indiana University

Interactive Donor Recognition Wall - Kelley School of Business - Indiana University. Two 20 ft. wide walls with touch functionality to allow a user to explore school's donors, articles and history. Done with Unity 3D and Flash.


Connexion Point

Connexion Point is a visual and interactive art piece generated from the patrons who come together to experience 2013's Nuit Blanche event in Toronto. Via a mobile web app and a multi-user, gesture-based, interactive interface, the stories and secrets of those who visit are collected, digitized, and projected into a colourful world of geometric, kinetic elements that evolve into a digital community over the course of the night.


Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a game up to 4 users where players try to score points in the opposing player's goal simulating the old school table game. The arena is created in AIR and holds the physics engine but the paddles are in iOS. Both applications communicate between each other using OSC messages of each player's position.


Brookfield Place

I worked with Brookfield to design and develop an extensive, integrated network of custom, interactive, touch-screen, wayfinding/map directories that are being implemented throughout Canada's Premier commercial address, Brookfield Place in Toronto, Canada.


Brock University

Developed a digital interactive alumni wall for Brock University using state of the art touch screen technology to showcase past graduates and alumni events.


Hudson's Bay Centre

Located in the heart of the city, the Hudson's Bay Centre sits at the intersection of business and pleasure in midtown Toronto.Developed a digital interactive wall composed by 3 touch screens to display directory listing/wayfinding, weather information and promotional posters. Nice addition is a camera to capture motion in front of the screens and affecg the background tiles.



Friday Night Live is a live entertainment and in-gallery series of events and experiences held at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto every Friday night of spring time to allow visitors to enjoy the museum in unconventional ways. In Pieces is a twitter based visualization combo application where one projection contains the feed with users info whenever they used the hashtag #FNLROM colouring the tiles in the background that fly over to the other projection and colour a 3D model of the ROM.


Space Race

Space Race is a four-player futuristic racing game featuring a top-down view, a scrolling circuit, power-ups and more. It utilizes all the main characteristics of SmartFoxServer 2X to demonstrate how to build a fast-paced realtime multiplayer game, but focuses on showcasing UDP protocol usage. Application features UDP plus no usage of any major physics engine, therefore client and server have to be in sync all the time and use prediction to have all clients updated at the same time. (AIR + SFS2X)


Corus Multi Touch

One of Canada's largest media companies with a focus on television and radio production. Corus owns 50 radio stations in Canada, and is Canada's fourth largest radio broadcaster. Canada Map containing icons for every region where there are radio stations across the country. Icons pop up Player for live audio stream and custom web browser. Bottom dial slider. Gestures: Click ('Single Touch'), Drag, Swipe, Zoom in/out. (AIR 2.0 + TouchLib + TUIO + PQLabs IR Screen)


Cannon Combat

Challenge mode multi-user player for mobile devices. Compiled in AIR, this game has been deployed to iOS and Android as a tutorial to developers who use SmartFox Server. Similar to Angry Birds, the development of this game brought to the table not only physics, but also the ability to reproduce on the opponent's screen every action taken. Thanks to SmartFox Server, we could broadcast physics properties (angles, x/y positions and forces) to a specific user and spectators in order to keep everyone in sync. Click on the images to download the .air file. Get your cannons ready!



One of the largest film production corporations in South America. Created by the famous executive producer Raul Doria and his 15 year colleague, award-winning director, Clóvis Mello.


MZ Filmes

For about 7 years MZFilmes has provided excelent film production and post-production services. A company where art meets visual information. From dawn to dark, wiggling the skyline of São Paulo. Each section belongs to a scene that enhances places and aspects of the city along with background sound. Find your way in the city!


Hotel Filmes

Lead by known director Maurício Eça, this company goes from commercials and videoclips to movies and experiments. Welcome. Please check-in and stay. The concept of a hotel: home. Comfort and satisfaction navigating through the suites, watching their videos, checking the news, etc.


Marcello Arantes

Marcello Arantes is an awesome illustrator who works on storyboards for commercials and movies. Imagination is his talent. I coordinated and co-programmed AS3 for the 3D space environment. Transitions based on shattered flying images and rotation. Very user friendly.


You may download my resumé or touch base using any of the channels below.